kSRO: Legend X is coming

Joymax has released the first update information about the upcoming Legend X update. Every week they will publish some news, here are the first ones!

Free PVP system

In Legend X, you don't need to wear any more PvP suit to have a PvP, they will be deleted from the NPCs. Now, you can click an icon in the Action window to enable the PvP mode and select a team color, instead of equipping a cape item. There will now be a colored symbol appear over the character's head, to see in which team he is (like the old different cape colors).

If you want to stop the PvP mode, you can simply click the icon again to turn it off.

Balancing Chinese and European characters

The balance between Chinese and European characters will be improved.

  • 4/4 parties will get more bonus experience than before
  • Chinese character's moving speed buff will give a higher moving speed
  • Chinese character's weapons attack powers will be adjusted
  • Some european buffing skills will get a longer cooldown or reduced effects

Next week, I hope to see some first screenshots of the new regions in the Forgotten World :)

(information about the new other changes and new regions: Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 4, Post 5 :P)


  1. all they can do about the ch dmg is to lower it....there is no way to make ch dmg higer unless he will totaly ruin the game....

  2. Lol lower cheense dmg??? They can´t do this vs EU cheense dont have so hight dmg so a small increase will be good:) and very usefull will be if Holly will be function only witch clerick rod in hands to be able debuff eu chars!

  3. Well... now you EU's can pay thousands of €'s and still wont be the king... hope u need skill 2 pwn soon , not money , so all the full nova noobs etc will be nothing.

  4. If they are going to higher dmg of chinese chars they should remove potion cooldown period of euro chars to keep it fair.

  5. ahahahah ....
    Europe is already difficult to defeat the Chinese, now vaoa aibaxar the cleric buff ... heheh joke because it does not mean just the Europeans of the game ... aff sro trash

  6. Hahahahah ....
    Europe is already difficult to defeat the Chinese, will now lower the buff cleric heheh joke ... why not just delete the game's European ... aff sro trash

  7. Yeah, lets do nothing about the grind. LOL. Talk about delusions of grandeur.

  8. 日本のシルクロードでは