Character and Guild name changer

We already talked about it some months ago here. Now KSRO is getting that update, the items for change your character name and guild name.
Here is the notice translated:

[How to use]
Press F10 and buy the character/guild name switch scroll from the premium tab.
In any town, speak with the new NPC called [Premium Service Manager].
You will not be able to use this service if the scrolls are not in your inventory.

On the dialog window choose between the two options, change your character name or change your guild name.

Check if the name of your guild or character has changed. The changes are in real time so people around you and guild members will notice at the same moment as the name is changed.

Guild Name Switch Scroll
- Only Guildmasters are allowed to use it (but can't while they are wearing any job suit)
- You can't put a name that is already in use.
- Can't be used while the Guild own any Fortress
- Can't be used during a Guild War (or something like that)
- Special characters or offensive names can't be used.

Character Name Switch Scroll
- You can't use old character names
But you can use names that already were in use if the character has been deleted for more than 6 months ago (180 days)
- Can't change your name if you are wearing a job suit
- Can't change your name if you are in a party
- >Special characters or offensive names can't be used.

Well that's all. I tried to do an understandable translation.
The price of the scrolls hasn't been specified yet, but I expect something around 300 silk. Greedy Joymax.



  1. hey i have question,
    do i have to farm at cSRO?

  2. visit any csro related website please.

  3. U have to farm on every sro, csro only gives u 20k sp at beginning, if they gave u 2m sp then you wouldnt need to farm, but ye maybe do ur own research sometime

    BTW: thnx for updates u guys/gals got a gr8 website

  4. when will this service be exist?

  5. It already exists in kSRO. If it will come to other versions is unknown.