[cSRO] Becoming level 90 in 3 days

Even though these news are not the newest, not many people seem to have seen it~ so i will post it here :P

The chinese cSRO players did it - they became level 90 just 3 days after a new server opened. CIMO, the cSRO publisher had an interview with the first guy who level'd up that fast.
So, how can someone level up that fast?

The formula is quite simple: Time + Money + Leading the party = Fast leveling!

Time is what you need most. The chinese was grinding for 18 hours a day, so in total he played 56 hours until level 90. He and his friends had just 6 hours breaks between the grinding time, they always met again at the same time to continue.

Money was needed to get higher experience and kill the mobs faster. Of course, the item mall gives a lot of advantages. To level quickly the chinese bought premium, 150%-exp-increase-scrolls, grab pet and reverses. Also the devil spirit could be used by him to increase his damage.

Leading the party means something like controlling what everyone does. Where to go, what mobs to attack, if a healer or a warrior is needed more etc. Only in a perfect party you won't die a lot at higher level mobs.

What people where in the party? Most of the time, they level'd with 4 wizards, 2 clerics, 1 warrior and 1 warlock, so only european characters. In a full party they gained 20% bonus experience, from 60+ on they created academies to get even more from the member's buffs.
They could always level at mobs 11 levels higher than the char's level. From 70+ on the party killed the Qin Shi Tomb uniques which gave a big experience boost too.

You have to say that on iSRO the leveling speed will still be slower because of the limited possibilities (no 150%-exp-scrolls etc), but it could be possible to reach level 90 very fast. The chineses achieved it without botting a single second, just with teamplay. But I guess after 3 days playing so much you will need a break until leveling more ^_^


  1. Give it to the chinese and they will do it !

  2. you can use the 150% ticket on your premium and gt and it is for 1h, so you can use all the day this scrolls,but for sure they are expensive :D

  3. awww, c'mon. I have been playing for over a year and still lvl 76 -.-'

  4. wow nice news, awesome in only 3 days! but i would say the 150% scrolls are just to much for this version... if you got the money for it, then you could use 24x 150%, so you get 24hours 150% more exp, then with gt, you get 3 hours even more exp. tbh i use those 150% scrolls too, but i am not crazy like this chinese ^^


  6. i would have link from forum post

  7. they did it in Ksro but i dont think 3 day`s ! lol

    chinese are great nation they build great china wall in 2000year they have hope

  8. this is bull shit.. sro is bullshit too.. lol.. no one can do such thing.. if you want to be high lvl in sro you should get ur ass work it out.. lvling all d way like theres no tomorrow.. sro is a piece of trash of all online games..

  9. It's VERY possible since in cSRO you can reach very high exp rates with all kinds of tickets / flagship.