The new Fortress War system

The fortress war will get some updates soon. I will sum them up here!

- Guilds can write a small information text about their guild. Other players can read the information. At the world map you can read the information at the fortresses "Occupying guild".

- While the fortress war is in progress, special buffs can be given out from the commander to guild members. They can increase phys./mag. attack power, absorb damage, give higher speed or attack/parry ratio.

- There will be a log function where you can see how many GP got used for recruiting Fortress Guards/NPCs, for the new Dungeon etc.

- The guild who won the a fortress war can open a dungeon for their union. Doing so will cost gold and GP. The dungeon can be opened multiple times, only the union members can teleport there if they want to. Only a limited number of players can enter there.

Text from the NPC to open the dungeon:
In the small holes of Donwhang cave there is the non-public meditation cave. Many monks were seeking enlightenment where they had done their evil desires inside the cave. Now after the fortress victory this is a special moment and you are now able to go there. Of course, you need some GP and gold, but ...
Indian dungeon for the guild alliance has not been created yet.
What do you think? Do you want to go for it once?
It is not known yet what is inside this dungeon, just that it's connected with indian monks as you can see above :P


  1. i think this will come with Downhang fortress. Cuz it says "small holes of donwhang cave".

  2. You are playing cSRO?
    Why you are playing it? there is iSRO,
    the rates are higher or something ?

  3. I play cSRO because I don't wanna sit at the login screen, on cSRO I can buy silk items with gold, players are more friendly, higher exp gain etc...
    Search in some forums :P

  4. The exp rate is higher?
    Very important question - you have to farm there?

  5. Give it to the chinese and they will do it

  6. What i said above wasnt meant to be here ^_^

  7. Flame Mountain might be the building in the south entrance of Karakoram, but I'm not really sure it might be since I couldn't go further and there was a door that connected to the mountain and Hotan was visible like the pre-pics of Flame Mountain.... So not sure...Might, might not.