Battle Arena comes to iSRO!

Tomorrow, Joymax will open a teaser site to announce the Battle Arena for iSRO. We already posted a lot about this, you can get information here and some images from the cSRO Battle Arena here :P
The only unknown thing is if Joymax also releases the third Battle Arena (Air garden) which is not released in other SRO versions yet. That Arena would get the "Occupying" game mode.


  1. There is a new update in kSRO. Can u translate it? Oo

  2. Hey!

    Maybe iSRO will be 1st in updates, cuz socket system coming too.

  3. ksro legend 10 comming

    isro legend 5.5 comming

    isro will never be on top -.-

  4. Lol, isro is only the 5th of sro's. By memory i dunno the third and the forth, but for sure: ksro is the first, csro is the second, and isro is the fifth. Maybe jsro and vsro in the middle :] and the others after isro ^^

    Ps: where do i know it? check a tutorial of making a media for every version of sro. It sorts by number. Isro's number is 5.

  5. Hey!

    What? See the updates, not the release time, omg... In kSRO the legend 1 was nothing. Max gap was 60, no eu, etc. In iSRO it was the EU update (~legend 4 or 5 is kSRO). And is socket system playable in kSRO version? No... Its coming now in iSRO. But see this:


    (Link from this site)

    P.S.: Nem tom miket beszélsz csáKi, nem a megjelenési dátum a lényeg... (It was hungarian, sorry)