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As Joymax promised, they are announcing every week news about the incoming update of kSRO, the Legend X. Here you are an approximated translation of the news. First pics of Flame Mountain!!!!

[Forgotten World Update]

First view of Forgotten World new zones
Methods for admission on the Forgotten World
Collecting talismans in a book
Rewards of the Forgotten World

Forgotten World

1) The Forgotten World is a place where the humans fight against the evil gods in the exile war.
It is divided in three parts.
2) The Shipwreck / The Earth Ghost Town / The Flame Mountain
Each world have different characteristics.

Admission on the Forgotten World

1) At any moment around the world will appear dimensional portals for teleport to the Forgotten World.
2) For use the dimensional portal you must have the right key, which is kept by a monster.

3) Once you have the key, the portal is open and if you meet the criteria for admission you will be able to teleport to the Forgotten World.

The collection of the Talismans

1) On the Forgotten World you can find artifacts called Talismans.
2) When you collect all the Talismans you will get a huge power that make you able to dominate the world.

Rewards of the Forgotten World

1) The Forgotten World have awesome rewards waiting for you!
* The information may vary depending on circumstances due to the process of development.

Sorry for this bad translation, was almost impossible wonder what the Korean text means, so I did an approximated translation.
More updates the next week!

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  1. Where the Forgetten place will be take place?

  2. Under the chinese area(so under jg)

  3. The forgotten world are instance dungeons without a specific location on the world map.

  4. this is getting wow like...

  5. Hey they have FFXII Save crystals O.o

  6. Lol forgetten world looks like in sea. How can it be under Jg?