God's Heritage / Forgotten World: all mobs

Earth Ghost Town
Earth Ghost
Fierce Earth Ghost
Powder Earth Ghost
Earth Ghost Shaman
Muscular Earth Ghost
Earth Ghost Soldier
Earth Ghost Doll
Earth Ghost General
Earth Ghost Captain
Earth Ghost Elder

Flame Mountain
Flame Salamander
Flame Giant
Flame Ghost
Flame Archer
Flame Mountain Devil
Giantic Flare
Flame Pokwooin (something like "heavy rain of flames")
Flame Witch
Flame Captain
Flame Adjutant
Bull King

Envy Ghost
Ghost Marauder
The King
Pirate Phantom
Phantom Commander
Deep Sea Monster
Spirit Of The Shipwrecked
Sea Predator
Sea beast
Cursed Ghost
Serenity Phantom

Treasure Box
Dimensional Column


  1. Only the names are there yet, no models/textures/mob-data

  2. For pics of the maps and renders we must wait until any version of Silkroad gets a big client update. I expect to get it on summer because the Ghost Hunting event requires a lot of new map files and I doubt we will keep using the same client.
    Anyway the Forgotten World update is going to come very very soon, all the quest texts has been already added and too the neccesary texts. So I think KSRO will get the update in summer, or as maxium in autum.

  3. They are seriously taking the piss if they increase level to 120 with legend X. Lets say they get it in autum we would get it early 2011. Im only just about 109 and still got sp farming to do as a chinese and hardcore botting like crazy. I would like to see this update the balancing sounds nice, but i dont want to see another level cap increase untill summer 2011 at earliest.

    Amalie - Babel

  4. where is that treasure box monster?

  5. We are starting this quest.cuz need a or b class egy. weapon.But have some problem.We are entering 24h/9 times in forgeten wolrd cave.So we get only 3 talisman...I thing so much hard for get b class egp. weapon...We are try.Maybe first get this item ...

    TRouBLeSHooT - Babel