kSRO: Battle Arena Teaser Website

Today, Joymax released a teaser website for the Battle Arena. It just shows a movie with some artworks.


Also, on the normal website, battle arena information have been added!

Battle Arena on kSRO website

Arena types announced:

You can register for the Battle Arena at the NPCs in every city:

When the battle starts, you will be teleported to the arena automatically:

For now, only the Chinese Wall and Maya Temple battle arenas are available.
Battle arena coins obtained can be exchanged to awesome prices at the NPCs!
You can select 9-11d seal of star/moon/sun/comet(nova) assesories as well as luck and steady stones of these degrees and elixirs.

Map of the battle arena "Chinese Wall" (Capture the Flag) [small, medium and large]:

Map of the battle arena "Maya Temple" (Monster Hunting) [small, medium and large]:


  1. I know kSRO didn't post but it is the Legend IX+ ?

  2. It's just a regular update for kSRO, they dont have "plus" expansions.

  3. hey..i have a litle question...what reward can we get for battle arena coins?..as i know nova accesories..annyone know the rewards..and how much coins?

  4. can i get positions of chinese wall ?