Legend X - Teaser released

As we already suspect, Joymax has just released his new teaser website for the upcoming Legend X update.Video (takes so long to load on the website):

On the video you can see some kind of new weapons. IS NOT DEGREE 12. Joymax didn't said nothing about them, but there are traces in the pk2 which indicates that those new weapons are the Set weapons, pretty similar as the Set items which came with the Legend IX to kSRO (Alexandria update)

Some pictures and small explanation of them:

One of the new mobs from the Flame Mountain. Name unknown at this moment.

This pic also shows a part of the map of Flame Mountain.


One of the new mobs from the Shipwreck. Name unknown at this moment.

This pic also shows a part of the map of Shipwreck.


Two of the new mobs from the Earth Ghost Town. Name unknown at this moment.

This pic also shows a part of the map of the Earth Ghost Town.


Name: Cow King

(rough translation)
Type: Unique

Location: Flame Mountain.


Name: Phantom of the Serenity
Type: Unique

Location: Shipwreck.


Name: Elder Earth Ghost
(rough translation)

Type: Unique

Location: Earth Ghost Town.
Other updates:


Consignment System. A kind of auction house. We have already talked about this new system here.


Free PVP System updated. Capes will be gone. We have already talked about this new system here.

The client will be released the 27th of July.

I will keep this entry updated as soon as I recollect more info and translate it from Korean. ^^
Update 24/7/2010: Added annotations on the video with the translation of the korean messages.
Update 27/10/2010: Made pics smaller lol, just right click and chose "Show picture" or something to see them in original size (depends on your browser)


  1. hey
    if you see in website new avatar is coming ,
    post it

    thx ^^

    ThePronto :)

  2. Very grate news ty dude, i think the new weapons are from egypt set(for gold and silver coins) well we will see :D

  3. hey :)
    i heared about [ Weapon Switch Delay ] is there anything about this ?
    a friend said that when you switch from cleric to 1hand/2hand/axe you have to wait about 2 min to switch back to cleric -.-

  4. Can we contact, please? I found something new :)

  5. @Sam Diesel
    That's not true. There is not any limitation on weapon switching.


  6. i see the teaser... im wrong but... there are 12d bow?.. 12d shield?...

  7. no 12d's yet, these are prolly reward weapons.

  8. FTW! weapons it`s just 4 days untill legend x Come i cant wait ^^