Moar serverfiles pics

Babbe forbid me to put the old pics so I have to post updated pics of the server files. This time it comes as a small guide of random functions =3

For opening the server we must login with an ID, Password and SSNumber (Social Security Number), with those data the server can check if the user is allowed to use the files. Security for teh win~

Once we are in we have a ton of options to do. The server logs EVERYTHING that a player does, so the server administrators can check the last actions of any character whenever they want:

But that's boring. How about if they want to edit a character data? They do it through these windows:

They can also check and modify the info of any guild:

And if they want to modify an item of your inventory, they can do it with this:

More to come soon. We expect to have the first pictures and info about the new maps of the Legend X on Wednesday or Thursday. We will also release an in-deep review about the new weapons. I just can say: don't expect much from them, keep your novas. ^^'
And again, it is NOT Degree 12.



  1. well actually idk what this tools are for but it looks nice

  2. @SaVior恋少

    Are the Silkroad serverfiles interface.

  3. on pk2 appears items only till 12d...so i thought that 11d has also 3 sets...one for 110 cap, one for 120 and one for 130...so at 140 cap, 12d items will be introduced.. this way...nova will be lower than 2nd or 3rd set of 11d, so maybe another type of sealed items will be implemented..

    of course..i haven't a source for that...it's just a theory of mine^^

  4. You are wrong. In the pk2 there is only the NAME of the D12 items, that means nothing since those names are there since the cap 60. What I'm saying is the SET weapons (lvl 101) are already on the pk2 since the egypt update.
    I will not release more info about them until I can get the new client for complement the info with pictures. Just keep waiting XD

  5. what about new antibot system can u translate plz.