Legend X Update

The client is already available for download. We just got it, we are going to release more info and pictures on this entry as soon as we obtain it.



New maps

Shipwreck - Inside the boats:

Shipwreck - Outside:

Earth Ghost Town:

Soon the Flame Mountain map.


New Set Weapons

Blade A&B:

Sword A&B:

Glavie A&B:

Spear A&B:

Bow A&B:

Shield A&B:


One hand Sword A&B:

Two hand Sword A&B:

Axes A&B:

Crossbow A&B:

Daggers A&B:

Staff A&B:

Warlock Rod A&B:

Bard A&B:

Cleric Rod A&B:

Shield A&B:

Common questions about the new Set items

Q: Are those items Degree 12 items?
A: No, it's a new kind of items, the degree is 11 and the required level is 101.

Q: Are stronger than the normal weapons Degree 11?
A: Yes

Q: From where I get the Set weapons?
A: You can get the set weapons as quest reward from the Forgotten World new quests.

Q: Can I sell/store/exchange/stall the new weapons?
A: Yes, same as the normal weapons or the set items, you can do everything you like with them.

Q: There are Seal of Nova set weapons?
A: Yes.


Remember that the maps are instances and doesn't appear on the worldmap, just like the Temple maps.
More to come later.
Next update: In-game pictures and video of the new zones.


  1. Shipwreck in or out, whats the difference? o.O


  2. @Critical
    Difference, one map appear when you are over the stucked ships, and the other appear when you are inside of them.

  3. hey you sure its from forgotten world quests and not gold/silver coins????
    pls answer me
    tnx :D

  4. @Anonymous
    You get them from quests not with coins.

  5. Synx i play Ksro and my new client stops downloading at 6-10% i got tired of redownlaoding can you upload new client pls?

  6. @Anonymous
    Sorry but my upload speed is of 30kb/s and the new client is about 1.5GB >_<

  7. Strange,where are the weapon and armor .bsr files now?

  8. Seems so lol. Do you have the .bsr files of weapon and armor?

  9. A or B is better? or the same?

  10. Pls i want to know, from which lv players available to enter and make quests in forgotten world?

  11. @Divine
    I have them but you cant do nothing with them. BSR files are just containers for the weapon data, it doesnt have the renders or the ddjs of the weapons.

    Stats are the same, I dont know about bonus.

    Players over level 35 can join the forgotten world, but only chars over 101 can do the quests for get the Set weapons.

  12. I know what the .bsr files do^^ I just don't have them in my data.pk2 :S Thats strang^^

  13. GOod share..
    ty. for share.
    Translated to Turkish :

  14. Can you upload all files of these weapons? bsr, ddj, bms etc.?

  15. pls aupdate it with more pictures btw i got my client now ^_^ cant wait till we get this update in ksro tomorow

  16. @Synx you say with lvl 35 you can enter, maybe you mean lvl 95?

  17. i think he meant 35 it was said sometimes before.
    finaly dungeons for noobs :D

    but each dungeon have multiple difficulties and lv requirement

    35 is the lowest if i remember

  18. wow !!
    La arpa esta muy bella !!

  19. @ Synx
    But its the same

  20. @Critical
    No they arent the same, check more close to the maps, the bridges connections change.

  21. new weapon are best than old 11dg. New weapon = +7. look kr.joymax.com

  22. mire los stats de la sword egipcia nueva tipo B y tiene stats cercanos a mi sword 101+10 dios! estan brutales y eso q los stats son de una +0.. cuando llegue a isro ire tras esa sword tipo B jajaja

  23. donde viste los stats??

  24. http://kr.joymax.com/silkroad

    ahi los revise....

  25. I can't find the damn .bsr files.How did you that ?

  26. there are certain bugs on the korean website... the weapons' damages are one of them. they are completely different in the gamefiles from the ones you can find on the website. there are also bugs among the new monsters' descriptions and some names are swapped

  27. weapon A = 101 +...?
    wepoan B = 101+...?

  28. please please please we need sro without EY chars
    sro will be best game ( I dont Joke)

  29. hi synx from wats server GM are you?plss reply its badly needed^^

  30. synx if your at alps server can u make my char back?some is change pass i dnt know who omgT_T

  31. just send your reply to my email plsss synx ty...btw my email is slick_skill333@yahoo.com

  32. nice info..
    what build is the best now..