Joymax secret finally revealed (or something like that)

Many people thought it before.
Some say they already knew.
We saw a GM wearing a t-shirt of a bot company, and now this!
Silkroadsecrets has found the proof that Joymax actually has a bad style sense.

Typical clothes from Joymax employees?

Look at this picture. Yes, this is what Joymax employees seem to be wearing. They were probably even so fascinated from this piece of clothing that they uploaded a picture of it to their Guild Mark server so that everyone is able to see it:
ftp://joyimage.nefficient.com/pub/joyimage/CDN.jpg is the original link of the picture on Joymax servers.
Why did Joymax upload this picture? Is Joymax actually a company producing these kind of clothes? Will this also come as an avatar dress in the game?
We will inform you later what all this is about and answer these questions~

edit: Further researches had the result that NOTON is a company from china that also produces computer parts. Maybe they are connected with Joymax to force someone to install iSRO and buy silk.


  1. They do NOT put these clothes ON.

    (typo in previous post)

  2. I think this company is just a donator of joymax like Yahoo ( i just guess it)

  3. Don't take it too serious ^_^