Legend X Weekly Updates

Another weekly update, this ones is less interesting since we already have cap 110 (remember that KSRO actually has cap 105). This is the last weekly update, but next week joymax will probably release a teaser page.

#Level expansion

1) The legend X will set a cap level of 110.
*Content from 106~110 will be added too.

#Extended Skills levels

(The first row is the Smashing Sword Series, the second ones is the Chain Sword Attack Series)
1) Both Chinese and European race will get new and powerful skills in all the sectors.
*The detailed info about the updated skills will be revealed in the future.

#Quest Expansion

Even it they don't mention it, I think with this quests expansion the quests known as "Hotan Plus" quests are going to be added too.

1) Egyptian quests will be added in mases, more quests from Alexandria, Devil of the Century, Superhuman of the Desert and more quests will be added.
2) Special quests and berserker quests are going to be added.
*You will be able to check the new quests on the game guide pressing H.
*More quests will be updated in the future.
*Some quests may already be available in other 110 cap versions.

#Additional level on the Pharaon's Tomb

We already have this.
1) The Pharaon's Tomb, updated in the Legend IX, will get a new difficulty level.
*Along with the already existing levels, Beginner and Intermediate, you will be able to play the Advanced mode.
2) The details about the new extension will come soon.

Booooring update, but the skill stuff looks weird, cap 110, skills 120? Lolwuat?
Let's see what happens. Maybe the dream of many people becomes true and europeans finally get new skills =3



  1. Anyone know what weapon he have ? D12?

  2. Whats that Blue event So-Ok on the backround of skillpic, when will we get it? :(

  3. @Anonymous
    I can't see the weapon that the char wears, but I don't think is a D12 weapon. Well maybe it can be, but as far as I know D12 is not developed yet.
    Said by yourself, recoloured-skin of the original so-ok? XD
    And if Joymax releases the Legend X before September, we will get it on the end of 2010, begin of 2011.

  4. This guild name/name change npc

  5. Legend will available to download 21 september 2010

  6. and ksro dont have 12D, will only expand level from 105 to 110, will be like iSRO

  7. i think they allreaday produced dg12
    because on the late degree 8 or degree 9
    there were allready degree 11 pk2 ._.

  8. I can't wait for the lv 110-120 skills ^_^ The last Sword chain looks awesome :D

  9. Um...that shield in skillpic, what shield is it?

  10. Looks like the egypt set shield.

  11. Maybe 12dg shild

  12. There is no egypt set shield, there are no set weapons aswell. The blade is also different. 12 degree chinese weapons are mainly red, so the shield may be 12 degree. But it's not easy to find out since Konpaku has only found the textures of the sword and the blade 12 degree. But 12 degree accessory is already in the pk2, there are stats and names, but no icons for them.