New Dungeon coming soon: Jupiter Temple

Hey guys, I came back from my holidays today so I'll post some news again ^_^
The promised videos and screenshots from the Forgotten World update will come soon, we are working on it. But I looked through the PK2 files and found something interesting: Not only the Forgotten World dungeons are included, but also some model files from the upcoming Jupiter Temple Dungeon! I've extracted them and made a first 3D-Render of an altar building used in this new dungeon (woot, it has a watermark on it so the turkish forums can't steal it):

At the moment no more information are known, only some buildings already exist. We will work on more renders of this new dungeon soon. ^_^

Heya! Here are 2 more renders:


  1. Extraloob has stolen ur ss again. They are really son of a bit....
    I am Turk but i hate the m because they are robber

  2. I see, extraloob made a watermark with black background over ours >_>
    If it continues like this we need something like big watermarks all over the picture xD

    Please write your comments in English since I can't read Spanish comments~

  3. lol im Turk and an extraloob user but they say "we find looked the PK2 files and found these news" -.-" but i to reveal the truth take SS and showed there..

  4. Wtf... Stealing and posting a ss is sad which tells me they can't find anything but look at websites and steal information that doesn't belong to anyone....

  5. That extraloob user needs to learn more english since he/she said "we find looked the PK2 files and found these news". Wtf?? It suppose to be We looked in the pk2 files and found something new.=P Get some english man...