jSRO FAQ: Channel / Shard system coming

jSRO's publisher GameOn has released a FAQ some days ago where they answered some questions from the users about balancing the game and future updates. GameOn has posted this question (rough translation):
Question 2
Will shards be integrated?

■ Answer
We have examined how to integrate a shard system.

However, when and how to integrate shard is unknown,
we have to make more adjustments.

When it is finalized, we will announce it at the official website.
So, a shard or channel system will come. Of course this has some advantages as shown in my "Explaining the shard system" comic ^_^ (don't think the interface etc is real, it's just photoshop :P)
But seriously: How should a system like this work on SRO? Think about uniques. Think about Fortress Wars and the Battle Arena. Will the shards/channels have mixed zones for these things? Well, we will see how it will be done in jSRO...


  1. yesss, this is exactly what we need on this game.

  2. the game will be SO EMPTY

  3. Hello empty Hotan, but I wonder if Stallnetwork/Auction house will be the same with all Shards?

  4. maybe there will be a 1 shard that will include stall pvp jobs fw and other things
    and the other will be for griding

  5. I bet all those good stuff will be restricted to one 'shard'. Probably all to shard 1 or shard 5. If not then wat

  6. sorry guys but what shards mean i don't understand the word so can any one explain it to me please

  7. lol. another runescape. sro is dead

  8. this Shard System already exist in many other MMORPGs in some called " channels ".
    and for the unique-monsters i guess it will show randomly on one shard, but i dont think it will be announced on which shard it appeared... that will be cool in somehow, and for the KS prob it will BE AWESOME since i m warlock and require lots of space and no KS-ers around.
    thanks for sharing :D, btw how do you know all about this?
    are you a GM or SRO developer?
    cause you know lots about the SRO upcoming systems and updates :).
    no worries won't ask for a SUN or Nova... please :D, lol JK.
    thanks for sharing