[kSRO] New item: Elixir scrolls

Joymax will introduce a new item in kSRO. It is the Elixir scroll.
The elixir scroll exists in 2 variations:
^ Elixir scroll (+2)

^ Elixir scroll (+3)

With these scrolls you can make an item +2 or +3 higher for 30 minutes. You don't use the alchemy window, you right-click the scroll and then the item you want to use it on. When you use it, your character will glow:

After this, the item's plus has increased.

In my opinion it is just an other method to get money from the players. Sure people would buy it for PvP etc. to get advantages >_<


  1. Silly item again, and how much does that cost?

  2. Hm if I used ADV elixier can i use this scroll too? So 100% increase to +5? o.o

  3. Yea but remember that the effect only lasts for 30 minutes.

  4. TheKnight: The price of the item will be released this Wednesday with the KSRO weekly inspection.

  5. Babbe: so i have to pimp in 30min? And if i have a +9 items can i do +12 with it? or just from +0 to +3?

  6. SaVior:
    Your actual weapon: +9 (example)
    Get a Elixir Scroll (+3).
    Use it on the weapon.
    Your result weapon: +12 (during 30 minutes)
    It's easy, c'mon...

  7. it will Help alot For my Warlock Rod in Grind ^^

  8. i bet there will be someone who will get out how to dupe it, i mean, that you can have 100000 scrolls activated at once so you have a +100000 weap lol