Upcoming updates - an overview

I made a small list for you to see in which SRO versions the new updates are already included.

Battle Arena
For information look here or here or also here, we posted a lot about this :)

Roc available for lvl 102+
Joymax made the teleporter to Roc unavailable for players lvl 102 or higher, probably not intended. On jSRO this has been fixed already.

Socket Stone system
Look here for information!

Interface updates (guild/friends window)
This is only available in kSRO yet. The full interface update list can be found here.

Qin Shi Tomb: Higher quest rewards
In jSRO the Qin Shi Tomb quests give around 7x more exp and SP than in the other versions.

New Hotan quests for lvl 40-80
New quests for lvl 40-80 players are planned for the Oasis Kingdom area.

God's Heritage / Forgotten World
The next "Legend" update. We posted about this here, here and also here :P

Next Language Pack (German)
The German language Pack for iSRO. Some translations are in this post.

Devil Spirit Pimping
We informed you about this in this post.

New Fortress War system
The Fortress war will get some changes, the winning guilds have more advantages after the Fortress War ends. I will post about this in some days.


  1. hew hotan quest in ksro available

  2. OH new Fw system? WERID :DDD

  3. Hey kaperucit0, what u think about this? http://www.elitepvpers.de/forum/foreign-sro-discussions-questions/558222-islamic-update-soon.html