God's Heritage coming to kSRO?

With the new kSRO PK2 update, we got more information about the upcoming "God's heritage" update. It could be the Legend X, but this is not sure yet.

This update will be divided in 4 stories, which will probably be quest-lines:

Togwimaeul (this means "Earth Ghost town" in Korean) - The red blood
Flame Mountains - Burning Abyss
Shipwreck - The deep green sea
Shipwreck - The sea of resentment

The stories' descriptions (rough translation):

The red blood: Endless amounts of human blood collected by Earth Ghosts
Burning Abyss: Blazing flames of the Flame Mountain, a collection of souls of heat
The deep green sea: Buried in the deep sea, a collection of memories
The sea of resentment: Endless sea of tears, a collection of spirits

Each story is divided in 8 chapters, and each chapter has a Talisman Item, I don't know yet if it's a reward or something you have to collect.


  1. hmm intresting.... I may know where flame mountain entrance is....hmmm..

  2. Wow!! I want to know if on ksro pk2 there are some renders :S

  3. Has anyone noticed on Hotan monster map has a small path not connecting to Karkaom? That place may be the new spot for Flame Mountain.... Maybe

  4. but is there anyone know where i can find those treasure box monster o_O