New Community improvements

Joymax started to do something well. Today on KSRO website announced some awesome GUI functions and chat functions. I saw some of them on other games and are awesome, can't wait for get them to iSRO!!! This update is centered on the Community system.

I will try to translate it as good as I can.

  • Guild Window Improvement


    A) Shows the location of the Guild Member (for example, Ong Habitat). Doesn't shows info if is offline.

    B) Show the last time that the guild member was online. Doesn't shows info if is online.

    C) Shows arrows on the members who changed his level in the lasts 7 days.

  • Members sort


    Now you can sort the guild members per level, location, last time online, name or GP donation.

  • Chat commands


    Not sure what it does, I think is distance guild invite.

  • Friends Groups


    MSN-like. You can sort your friends in groups.

    A) All the new and old friends will be on the default group.

    B) The new buttons "Add Group" and "Delete Group" makes you able to create as many groups as you want.

    C) You can move your friends to the desired group by drag&drop.

    * You can't use duplicate group names.

  • Friend auto-sort and capacity increased


    Now by default the friend window will sort your friends by online-offline. Also the friend list capacity has been increased from 20 to 50.

  • New blocks and block commands


    - Able to block people from your guild (guild chat block), whisper and general chat.

    - Now all the blocks are stored on the PC, so if you play SRO in another computer the blocks wont be saved.

  • Party leader transmission


    - The new button "Leader transmission" has been added to the party window. Now the party leader can transfer the leadership to any member of the party, if the member accept it.

    - You can't transfer the leadership if the party is in a instance dungeon (like the Pharaon's Tomb)

  • Party Matching improvement


    - You can check the number of members, the level, the race and the masteries of the members before join the party.

  • Fast actions improvement


    You can whisper, party invite, exchange and more directly from the friend window.

  • Chat item links


    Best improvement ever. You can now link a description of an item directly to the chat window. Just press Ctrl+Right click on the item of your inventory and the link will appear on the chat inbox.

    - The chat link system can only be used on Whispers and Globals.

    - You can link up to 3 items on the same msg.

Soon on all the SRO versions, at this moment is just on KSRO.



  1. u'hve got a nice blog, thx for these info :)

  2. Last screen...its like in Lineage 2...lol

  3. i don't rly get the chat links' point :S so you can see the item descriptions if you move your mouse over the chat window? what's the good in that?

  4. @Anonymous
    The point? Is the most useful thing ever, atm the globals are "WTS Lv xx SoN Blade crit +60%, phy +50%, FB". But with the chat link system you can just say "WTS < link of the item >", then the ppl click on and see the stats and the blues.

  5. ooooooooooh i get it now :D then it's truely cool :P i thought you can only see your own items' links :P i know i'm nuts .. :D anyways thanks for explaining


  7. wow joymax finally started to do somethin cool
    BTW i used to hate it when someone said to me request friend and i say to him o full .. now is /50 awesome :p