HOT NEWS: New SRO dungeon?

Today, kSRO got an update for the Battle Arena Event and some bug fixes.
But Joymax also added new lines of text that could be a hint for a new dungeon!!
/ / God's heritage UI
1 UIIT_STT_GOD_TOGUI togwimaeul
1 UIIT_STT_GOD_FLAME Flame Mountain

God's heritage is the title of the new update.
Togwimaeul is something I don't know, but Flame Mountain is the upcoming area south of Hotan!
1 UIIT_MSG_GOD_GATE_MOVE to move into the world of the unknown.
Okay, from this we know there will be a "world of the unknown" and a gate with that you can go there.

1 UIIT_STT_PARTY_SUMMON_CONFIRM_BOX [% s] you a invitation to the world of the unknown. Join now to recall?
As it seems, other party members can be invited to the dungeon "world of unknown".

1 UIIT_MSG_ERR_MAGIC_HOLE_TOWN gate may be generated only in the village.
I'm not sure about what exactly this means, but there is a "Magic Hole Town".

1 UIIT_MSG_ERR_MAGIC_HOLE_LIMIT_DUNGEON today capable of generating in excess of the maximum number indeon, the gate can not be generated.
Better translation of this would be: The number of users to enter the dungeon is at maximum, so you can not use the teleport gate.

So, from some lines we already know that Joymax seems to plan something big...


  1. I guess the teleport will be on the Hotan turtles. Just a guess... =P

  2. Bout time those turtles get used...