Socket stones coming soon!

Today, a video showing the new jSRO testserver was published:

Now, I'll explain this new alchemy system :P

Sockets can be created on equipment items. In these sockets, socket stones can be put using a special "Grant stone". Socket stones can also be removed with "Remove Rondos". The socket stone's degree must be the same as the equipment's degree.

These socket stones have special effects that last permanently when the stones are installed on equipment. You just have to activate them like you do with buffs.

New Socket Stone descriptions:

SP stone
Gives additional skill points when hunting monsters.

Gold stone
Gives additional gold dropped when hunting monsters.

Berserker stone
Increases the duration of Berserk.

Damage return stone
Reflects damage upon successful block.

Evasion stone
Temporarily increases Evasion upon use.

Damage absorption stone
Casts a temporary damage absorption buff upon use.

Critical stone
Increases Critical Hit.

Movement stone
The character has a chance of being freed from movement restrictions upon use.

Healing stone
The character heals himself/herself upon use.

Mental stone
Triggered at a certain chance, the next spell cast does not cost MP.

HP stone
Temporarily boosts HP upon use.

MP stone
Temporarily boosts MP upon use.

Accuracy stone
Temporarily boosts Accuracy upon use.

Knockback stone
Enemies within range are knocked back upon use.


  1. So, they are buffs that you can put in items, and they seem to have very short duration. And those stones have levels, how can you get higher lvl stones?

  2. you can't :P the server closed already and non-japanese IPs are blocked anyways

  3. where i obtain this stones ?

  4. how do i get the coins needed to purchase the stones?

  5. @TheKnight those levels put on randomly,if your lucky you will get lv3, if not, u will get lv 2 or 1,but you cant fail the socket at all though

  6. where can i get critical stone? bcuz on alex drogery is only those for

    attack rating
    chance to not use mp while buff

  7. look at "learn recipe" at jewel merchant

  8. how i can get a element for make stones? :S