More from the jSRO Testserver

Since there was not so much to do (where the hell are the rabbits?), I decided to explore some other things.

Yea, in jSRO (also kSRO) you can enter these rooms in the Qin Shi Tomb. They were disabled in more popular SRO versions because they caused lags.

With keys dropping from the Qin Shi Tomb mobs you could open the boxes and they could spawn mobs or give items as a gift.

Later I went into temple where I met some nice Mangyangs :D

Oh, and GZ to this guy who managed to make his weapon +8. Quite difficult since weapon elixirs are rare ^_^


  1. I also enjoyed the test server.
    This update is very the enjoyment.

    This test server exists until 11 o'clock on Monday in Japan standard time. (´ω`)

  2. Hello Jsro_Player, if you are still playing send me a note in the game ^_^

  3. Able to link items now.. now people can stop spamming asking about stats

  4. could you post a link of eng media.pk2? since i`m in the test srv also

  5. http://www.multiupload.com/1VKFDHEUFM
    Here are the english textfiles I used. Import them with PK2Editor.

  6. is it over? bcs i can`t connect anymore

  7. Yes dinica the testserver already closed.