Forgotten World: Earth Ghost Town Gameplay

Hi guys! Today I went to Earth Ghost town in kSRO and made some screenshots to show you how it is!

First of all, you must get crystal items to enter the Forgotten World! While you hunt mobs, there is a small chance that these red crystals appear on the map.

When you kill a crystal (it is around the mobs' level), he will spawn 5 rabbit mobs which have a key. They are quite strong so you have to watch out!

The rabbits can drop a special item. This is the crystal item needed to enter the Forgotten World.

You can right click the crystal item in any town to spawn a teleporter to the Forgotten World. Only you can see the teleporter.

This is where you start in the Earth Ghost Town. You can stay in the dungeon for 5 hours. In these 5 hours you can not open an other teleporter to the Forgotten World.

The mobs are really aggressive. When you see them appearing far away they will already run to you to attack!

Here are some of the Togwi dolls. They look very fun but have cool attack skills!

I killed this floating box, but it didn't drop anything :(

Here is the big earth ghost head you might have seen before^^

Unfortunally the gate was closed.

In the middle of the field, a rabbit mob appeared:

After I killed this mob, a lot of mobs appeared and killed me. I could not enter the dungeon again, the teleporter disappeared :/

I will try it again soon and hopefully get to the end of the dungeon ^_^


  1. when i Finish the Fisrt dungeon wich is Flame Dungeon i go for the next Dungeon Earth Ghost ??

    i am lvl 78 if it`s about lvl

  2. nice dude...good pictures, i hope we will see more from you. Thank you

  3. Earth Ghost Town is for lvl 35-70
    Flame Mountain is for 70-90
    Shipwreck is for 90-110

  4. Although there are 3 areas, it's split up based on player levels.

    EGT: 35-50, 51-60, 61-70
    FM: 71-80, 81-90
    SW: 91-100, 101-110

    There are several uniques in each area, along with a "boss" unique at the end. I think that's why the Gate was closed. You have to kill all of the other bosses before the final boss is available.

    I'm not sure what the Earth Ghost Town end boss is but for Flame Mountain, it's a minotaur with a few high damage attacks.

  5. Regarding the Key-holding rabbits, it seems their levels are X5. I've seen them as levels 35, 85, 95, and 105.

  6. and not always there are only 5 rabbits. there can be more ^^

  7. The rabbits I have seen so far were level 40 ^^
    And yea, I have also seen more than 5 rabbits spawning now^^
    But their aggro range is way too high, you can not even run away from them >_<

  8. hey
    any news about the euro skills? is holy still 100%? 50%?


  9. At the moment, jSRO, kSRO and iSRO seem to have all differences at the skills. I will check it tomorrow.

  10. what's that skill in ur hotbar as number 5, first time i see it :o

  11. nvm its autumn series, i never used autumn series that's why i first time see it lol

  12. Just noticed, extraloob.com copied this one too, they reduced quality of pics and then added their own watermark :(

  13. They did, but you can still see our watermark on their pictures! Fail!
    (and on page 3 of their thread, Synx has already posted a link to us to show the source)

  14. Okay, I checked the holy spell and in kSRO it is 50%. In jSRO it was 100% even after the skill update.

  15. In kSRO bless spell also does not disappear at weapon switch.

  16. Hello someone can tell me if im lv 110 i can enter to 91-100 cave or high players like 101+ cant enter to any cave ?

  17. i killed the rabbits but didnt get any crystal?