Forgotten World: Earth Ghost Town Gameplay (Part 2)

Since I could not finish the dungeon last time, I decided to invite some people for party-playing the dungeon, this time with a wizard! [partially translated korean interface text to english]

This big statue is a NPC with that you can teleport party members to the Forgotten World. The party members must stand in a city, close to one of the teleporter gates with that you can teleport from one city to another.

This is the room where I died before. But with teamplay, we could kill all the appearing mobs!

A level 39 unique spawned as soon as all mobs were dead. This unique was quite easy to kill, it did not spawn any mobs.

When he died, the gate at the huge earth ghost head opened!

In the next bigger room, an other level 39 unique appeared! We had to kill him to open an other gate.

Then we had to kill all mobs behind the gate to get to the next rooms.

Togwi dolls look quite cute, but their attacks are awesome ^_^

We finally arrived in the last room where we had to kill all mobs...

...to spawn the last Boss: Togwi Elder!

This boss has some quite strong attacks, our warrior died 2 times!

At around 20% HP, he spawned 2 of the level 39 uniques we had already killed before, and also some other mobs.

But finally, we killed him (he gave quite good EXP). At this moment I have not received any Talismans yet. I think you have to do some quests to receive them^^
All in all, the earth ghost town dungeon took us 1 hour with 4 people, it was a lot of fun^^


  1. If you haven't already, go around to all the Hotan NPCs and grab quests. In the quest description, it should show 31-50 to indicate this is a Forgotten World quest. They're kinda like daily quests, for those of you familiar with WoW.

  2. You don't need quests to drop cards.
    They drop really rarely, although i've got like 4 of them ;d

  3. where i can download ksro + registration :S
    cant find the legend X download