The new Interface explained

The new Interface Update got included in kSRO now.

1 = New map
I clicked on lvl 33 mob information. This displays lvl 33 mobs in the yellow area on the map (Blood Ongs).

2 = Interaction with an other player
When you right-click an other player, you can select between exchange, whisper, friend, party invitation and trace. If you keep the right mouse button pressed to change the camera view, the menu does not open. This works very well.

3 = Quest information
You can enable and disable those quest information. They are kinda useful.

4 = New Underbar
The new underbar is a bit difficult to read at the first time. The small number left of the large green bar shows the first number of your EXP in % (23.46% -> first number -> 2). The bar shows the next 2 numbers (23.46% -> 2nd and 3rd number -> 34). The last number does only show in the text above the bar. The pop-up-menu is nice. Because Joymax included this menu, they removed the menu left from the Skill/Inventory/Action/Character/... window.

1, 2 = Map overlay
If you check this button, an overlay will be displaying all mobs around your level on the map. Areas with mobs at the same level as you are displayed white, mobs with a little higher level are displayed red. The small icons on the map show the mob name if you move the cursor over them.

3 = Quest NPCs
Different quest NPCs are displayed on the map.

4 = Follow the character automatically / free map movement

Other, not explained changes

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