kSRO Legend 9 earlier than expected?

Hey guys! I looked over the PK2s again and found an event announcement:

Hello world, it's small gems.

To celebrate the update, prepared a wonderful event.
Signs of Love (left, right) to bring hope, she'll give a gift in return!
I want a love that went from grass to all

Updates and details of events I have checked the official website.
Signs of Love (left, right) then it's like to be removed from the event and at the same time.

Event Duration: 2009 August 25 (Tuesday) - 2009 Tuesday, September 29
It could probably be that Legend 9 already comes at August 25 and not in September!


The update that they talk about could be for JSRO and not for KSRO! That would mean Legend 9 won't come that early.

edit 2:

Yes, the update is for JSRO! The KSRO Legend 9 Update brings an other event which is called "Golden Experience" event, it will be some kind of So-ok event!

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