Battle Arena to be opened soon

Battle Arena is the new PvP system coming to Silkroad Online. Just like the CTF-Event, you have to register at the Arena NPC that you can find in Alexandria. Entering Battle Arena costs nothing.
In Battle Arena you can do different types of games:
  • Occupy (Occupy special areas in the arena to win)
  • Capture the Flag (Capture the other team's flag to win)
  • Monster hunt (Hunt monsters and kill enemies to win)
Every game mode can be played as small (8 vs 8), medium (16 vs 16) and large (32 vs 32).
At a set time, when enough players registered for the battle, they will be teleported into the arena.

At the end of the game you will reveice Honour points. You can exchange them at an Alexandria NPC for special Battle Arena rewards.

~Battle Arena will probably come with the Legend 9 update or a bit later~

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