All new things coming to KSRO

As it seems, Joymax was not lazy and there will a lot of new updates come to kSRO!
First of all, there is a completely new Interface!

Improved menu and underbar

- New Experience bar
- Menu improvements: A dropdown list contains all features you need.

New target window next to the character

- Next to the character you face with your mouse will be an action window.
- The action window contains 5 features (exchange, whisper, friend, party invitation, follow) .

Additional and improved worldmap

1) Players can check the monsters with the following criteria:
▷ You can check the distribution of the entire monster.
▷ You can search for monsters on a desired level.
▷ character's level can be checked bunhoreul Monster gijuneu Lohan. (Could not be translated :P)

2) The map will be divided in Field, Town and Dungeon maps

Quest GUI improvements

1) Quest Alert
For clarity, the upper right corner of the screen displays the quest alerts.

- Quest information, goal, status, count information are displayed.
- If you receive a new quest it will be added automatically. (However, if you have exceeded the maximum number will not be added.)

2) Perform a local Quest View
Quests, NPCs, monsters, location and additional information of quests can be displayed on the map.

New quest window (not in the news from Joymax Site!)

New, more detailed quest information

Improved stall network

The verification window got edited to avoid mistakes.

Improved option window

The option window is divided in new categories so you can easily find what you need.

Community separation

The community window will be separated into the general community window and the guild window.

- Guild: Guild information, Guild Relations, progress
- Community: Friends, blocking, messages

Alchemy UI improvements

- Alchemy progress gauge will be added.
- When destroying items, all void rondos that are in the inventory will be used automatically.
- Alchemy items will be listed as icons rather than text.

That were the UI changes. Now to the other new things:

The new item "Magic cube" will be added.

In the Magic cube you can put 50 elixirs.
Different types of items can be archived in the Magic cube.

Magic cube type of item
- Magic cube (Weapon)
- Magic cube (Armor)
- Magic cube (Shield)
- Magic cube (Accessories)

- Only exchangable items can be put in the Magic cube.
- Pets and guild items can not be put in the Magic cube.
- Magic cube that contains an item can not be stalled.

How to use

>>>>> First use

Magic cube for items purchased in order to keep elixirs will need to enable the following inventory.

- Item by clicking the mouse right button "on the item you want to use?" Message is printed.
- "Yes" button, you accept the Magic cube is enabled in the inventory can be stored up to 50.

>>>>> Archived items to split

To eject the archived items in the cube dividing is available.

- Shift + left mouse button, you can split items.
- The splitting of the quantity of the items are available one per 10,000.

>>>>> Using archived items - Alchemy

Strengthening the right alchemy elixir Magic cube in the archive are available.

Notice the new avatar item that this char wears too :P

Item mall changes (only VIP shop confirmed)

Item search will be added. VIP shop will be added. No more information is available about that at the moment.

New titles

In the new dungeon "Pharao's Tomb" you can gain Tomb reputation. You can get new titles like "Tomb Novice", "Tomb Expert" and "Tomb Master".

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