New Alchemy Items: Socket Stones

14 so-called "socket stones" will probably come to Silkroad.
They will increase some values for a limited time.

SP Stone
Increases the amount of SP obtained when killing mobs.

Gold Stone
Increases the amount of gold obtained when killing mobs.

Berserk Stone
Fills the berserk gage faster.

Damage Return Stone
When you block an attack, the damage will be reflected and hurt the enemy.

ER Stone
Increases item's parry ratio.

Damage Absorb Stone
Absorbs a small amount of damage you get.

Cricital Ratio Stone
Increases Critial Ratio.

Action Stone
Releases you from restricted actions. (crappy translation, sorry)

Healing Stone
Used to heal yourself.

Mental Stone
Gives a chance to cast skill that does not consume mana.

HP Stone
Increases your HP.

MP Stone
Increases your MP.

KB Stone

Increases radius around the character. (probably attack distance)

You also need a "Socket granted mabeopseok".
Items you need to dig a hole in the socket. Window of alchemy items from sockets and socket combination gives you a magic stone is put.

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