A few updates

Even though Joymax seems to be ruining iSRO at the moment, there are still some news about upcoming updates now.

Upcoming dresses:
Blue Soul Knight Dress (including accessory)
Viking Dress (including accessory)
Phoenix Dress (no accessory)

- Daily quest NPCs will be added for Jangan, Donwhang, Constantinople, Samarkand, Hotan, Alexandria, Jupiter Temple and Arabia
- Parties with the same settings can create a "Party union" with up to 3 parties. This is a system for large parties, EXP and items are exchanged between all party union members if selected.

I guess for now that's it...


  1. Larger parties, room for us chinse too!

  2. gaymax has ruined isro so much that i'm not coming back to the game, first they got rid of the merchants (no more exciting travels with some rewarding gold), then the wolfs (when you have seen an mmorpg where you have to pay to have a pet)
    so fuukkk uu gaymax!

  3. So 3 Party's will merge into a single party or 1 party can create union with 3 other partys endind in 1 party of 4 small party?

  4. @Anonymous: According to the description, 3 partys can merge into a party union, that's 24 people maximum. There are no details yet how exactly it works though.

  5. What about buffs like dances from bards, will they effect the parties in the union?

    1. I believe it's too early to ask such questions.

  6. This does sound a lot like WoW's raid groups. Are they planning on adding some kind of new instance system?