More info about Arabia

Found more map files, added some info and explanations on them:

Click on the image for see everything.

Petra dungeon (I think the final name will be "Kalia's Hideout"):

And arabia's garden (no final name found):

That's all, I will keep you all informed if I find something else!


  1. There will be 2 teleport point in the city like Alexandria.

  2. Baghdad - A massive capital palace standing tall in the land of Arabia
    Kirk - A vast field comprised of pastures and valleys - Monster Level 121~123
    Baghdad (?) - Baghdad with Abshad's ambition fulfilled - Monster Level 123~125
    Phantom Desert - A wasteland used by desert bandits as their base of operation - Monster Level 123~125
    Kalia's Hideout - A hideout where Thief Boss Kalia is hiding herself - Monster Level 123~125
    Petra - Monster Level 126~128
    Garden - Monster Level 128~130

    Map ID18 - Bagdad (interface\worldmap\map\map_bagdad.ddj)
    Map ID19 - Bagdad (interface\worldmap\map\map_bagdad_dungeon.ddj)
    Map ID21 - Petra (interface\worldmap\map\map_petra_dungeon.ddj)
    Map ID22 - Garden (interface\worldmap\map\map_garden_dungeon.ddj)
    Map ID2024 - Arabia (interface\worldmap\dungeon\map_world_arabia_field_02_boss_)


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  4. Are there any outside area uniques with multiple spawn points? Haven't had any since 90 cap and it's stupid.