Quests that you have never seen (part 1)

There's not only items that a lot of people didn't see before, but also quests that have not been included to the game (yet?)...
It is strange that there are almost no quests in Karakoram area, but new ones will come. I will give you the overview about quests that are actually planned, but not included to the game.
The rewards of these quests are unknown

Western China

Catching Shadows
Hunt the Shadow Red Eye Demon which randomly appears in Dead Ravine.
NPC: Blacksmith Agol

Feed for One-Eyed Monster
Use the Pouches you get from Protector Trader Yeolah in Dead Ravine to gather 10 Flame Essence.
NPC: Protector Trader Yeolah

Yeolah's Curiosity
Use Flame Bait to capture the Monstrous Eye Demon Champion and bring him to Yeolah in some minutes.
NPC: Protector Trader Yeolah

Oasis Kingdom

Maong's Black Wings
Collect 50 Maong's Black Wings and bring them to Makhan.
NPC: Soldier Makhan

Pahap's Fury
Kill 200 Bunwangs.
NPC: Jade refiner Pahap

Pahap's Greed
Collect 10 gems from Bunwang Giants and bring them to Pahap.
NPC: Jade refiner Pahap

Duyun's Question
Collect 40 Venom of White Spider and bring them to Duyun.
NPC: Soldier Duyun

A Mysterious Thief
Look for something with a Sturdy Shovel at the palm trees to the right just across the bridge to the south of Hotan.
NPC: Soldier Leihan

~~ More quests to come later!

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