Battle Arena - groups you can fight in

There are 4 modes in the upcoming Battle Arena.

Random battle
At this arena, you can participate as an individual. Once the match begins, foes and allies are established at random.

Party battle
At this arena, one team will fight another. Only party leaders can register to enter. Once the party leader registers, all party members are registered to enter.

Guild battle

At this arena, one guild will fight another. You can select up to 16 guild members who will participate. Only guild masters can register to enter. You can select the best guild members and prove to the world that you are the best guild.

Job battle
At this arena, Merchants and Hunters Guilds will fight against the Thieves Guild. If you have bones to pick with your enemy Guild, put on your profession outfit and step up to the challenge.

In these groups, you can fight in 6 Arenas (Star, Moon, Sun, Joobird, Dragon, Bongbird).

For more information about specific game modes look here:

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