All EXP/SP tables

Since it's already being posted in most forums now, I decided to put the lists on my blog too :P
These lists show the EXP you need to level up and the SP for the mastery-level-up! kSRO Beta was the planned EXP/SP at that time, today it has the same EXP/SP like iSRO!


  1. >.< Ksro need less exp to reach max lvl

    ISRO double exp needed

    F.uck Joymax >_<

  2. It is the kSRO Beta, so Joymax just planned this to be the exp/sp needed. Today, kSRO got the same as iSRO!

  3. fck csro i wanna same >.>

  4. are you sure about the csro skill points needed?
    because i play csro and if i check the sps needed all the lvlups are same as isro
    does it change when you actualy lvl up a skill?

  5. First when u are at the High lvls in Csro it is GOnna change :D as i can see
    (FallenWalls) :D