Halloween Event confirmed!

Hello, this is Silkroad Online.
Bombs on your face in all towns of Silkroad Online.
Silkroad Online has prepared a 2009 Halloween Event.
The event would be starting on 20th of October till 3rd of November for all users.
Warnings! Warnings!, Silkroad ghosts have appeared. Who are you going to call?
Silkroad Ghost Busters are here.

Silkroad Halloween Event
1. Hunt down Ghost SungSung on the field.
2. Collect Halloween candies.
3. talk to NPC So-Ok to get prizes
4. As a treat, five different kinds of bombs can be earned.

Trick or Treat!
You can get bombs to play around in towns only.
There are Dust bomb, Web bomb, Egg bomb, Red Paint bomb, and Dark paint bomb.
With 5 different bombs users can throw at other players in towns only.
Just click on another character and use the bomb by clicking it.
When event starts, collect many bombs as well as other prizes with Halloween candies.

Joymax is trying the best to satify Silkroad users all the time.
Enjoy Silkroad Online and have fun!

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