Halloween Event?

Translated text from the PK2 files:

Hello. This is So-Ok.

Halloween events in preparation for the Silk Road was right.
Halloween fun along the Silk Road, and enjoys preparing presents Pick -

For more information on events in progress, please check our website for announcements.
Silk Road and hope a good time together.

Event Date: 2009/10/13 ~ 2009/11/3

This event will come in kSRO for sure, and probably also in iSRO! There will be "Ghost Sungsungs" spawning and if you kill them they drop candies. You have to bring them to So-Ok to receive one of these rewards:

Egg bomb
Red paint bomb
Black paint bomb
Dust bomb
Spiderweb bomb


  1. Seems to be Graphic item, Im want wiz avatar event!

  2. is it also on csro availeble?

  3. it's iSRO or kSRO ?

  4. This is from kSRO, but could come on iSRO too.