Thai SRO Beta servers open tomorrow.

This is just a small notice: The Black Rogue servers will be opened tomorrow at 12PM Thailand time.


  1. Hey, know you what is max level, skill gaps are there? Or race? Is there only Eu and China? Maybe Islam? The page is full with Islam pictures, but all infos (for example skill, map and mobs) are "Coming soon". If you know anything, please write to me :D

  2. Ooops, sry :D
    Sorry, i found alot of info in updates bar. So max lv is 100, only europe and china race. The fortress is same in iSRO, so Jangan and Bandit den. Ohhh and u wrote at March for Islam: "sword, blade, claw (Katar) and the chakoram (Chakram) as their weapons". If you see the official iSRO page at fortress items, u can see there 2 islamic guard. One is chakram, thats ok, but other have dagger, so i think islamic chracters can use dagger too. Or no? There are two europeans too with "spear" and "stone bow", so i really dont know it, but i think its one good info for you.

    P.s.: Thanks for this site, it having alot of informations from future :D

  3. Csikos check the comment I sent on the another notice, is not cap 100.

  4. I seen it, thats ok, but see the official page. There are 4 links for updates, i realy dont know what is "blah blah" there, but i seen numbers and pictures. For example pictures from 10D items and numbers for level 100. Go to page and go to down, there are.