Private test server: What would you do with 99999 silk?

Q: What server is that?
A: This is a private testing server for GMs only.

Q: How many people can play there?
A: We don't know how many accounts exist. We only have access to 3 accounts at the moment.

Q: Where can I download the client?
A: You can't. You would need a specially modified pk2 which we won't release. So, you will not be able to play on this server.

Q: Are your characters on this server GMs?
A: Maybe these accounts have the GM flag enabled, but since GMs are also IP-bound and not just account-bound we can not use the GM functions.


  1. how did you find this server? :)

  2. I'm pretty, pretty sure this is csro. :D
    Cause Everything's the same just the silk..
    wtf .. how did u do that? xD

  3. I believe you changed something in pk2 and made csro your own server. with a root or sth. teell us :D:D

  4. some1 obviously got a working server software for the current csro client version. now everyone is technically able to connect using IP redirect if he has the up2date csro client and the correct server IP. the interesting question is: did someone CODE HIS OWN serversoftware, or did some1 STEAL the actual joymax serversoftware?

  5. Hey!

    Just one thing, what is "Tiger Tablet of Sales King (Premium)"? A new silk item, ok, but next time check what is it xP

  6. @Anonymous (all of 'em!)
    Its a real server for testing purporses. Not CSRO, but hosted on china.
    The Tiger Tablet of Sales King is a premium item that allows you to manage some parts of the consigment anywhere. When you use it a bell appear under the map. This pics show this better:

    Same server.

  7. You can sell 30 items at the same time with that Tiget Tablet item and pay lower fees.

  8. So would u make it public?

  9. babbe u can make it public nobody got accounts he will have only client

  10. Nice post,nice blog,

    Q: how can we be a tester candidate(or a GM ) in joymax, i really know the inside out game and i want do more for the game,and offcourse wich requesite we need?

    Tks in advance,

    My email address is same as name and Gmail.

  11. you still like to fool those kids....
    well played babbe... well played...

  12. @Anonymous: I actually confirm this is true.
    I've played on this server after Babbe gave me the PK2, client and accounts.

  13. I'm looking for a good emulator to try, what would u recommend?

  14. You can try this one http://sro.xcoding.net/

  15. man im with you GM :) k ?