kSRO's new areas and stuff


GM area:

New loading screen:

Maybe you can find a hint in the loading screen about the next update? :O


  1. lool that looks like a new unique

    and that prison reminds me of flame mountain ^^

    keep the good work

  2. Lol they use the existing areas and add a new purpose to them.

    That loading screen looks interesting. Is it already implemented?

  3. The loading screen appears at the client start now. The map for that area does not exist yet in the client.

  4. Cool rain in the hell at second screen

  5. Anyone know does the new area have level requirement?

  6. @ Anonymous

    This are online the new "Special places" there won't be any monster.

    Of course there will be other new areas but I believe nobody knows know if there are level requirements

  7. Jupiter Temple will ofc have a lvl requirement.

  8. Loading screen is a unique that works the same like for Roc.

    gm area = just for gm's

    prison = for people who commited a crime (like for pking)

    thats what i think^^

  9. well if you say that it's for criminals I wonder if the game will develop a function to auto-teleport them to there because come on gm's are online only in their shitty events and we now they will not be able to handle this and of course will be an hypocrisy lock pk players there when they can't get rid of the botters which are a major offense imo

  10. @Anonymous
    Well, think that this kind of updates are made for kSRO. On the client they already implemented the command for punish people and teleport them to the prision during X time. On kSRO GM's are much more active than on iSRO, so there should work fine.

  11. It's not right place i know but i need help about Extended Slots :D
    My extended slot stucked at left of my screen while changing resolution and i can't move it anywhere.
    So my question is how can i restore quick slots place to Default ?
    There is a screenshot :

  12. @ Emre
    Go to your Silkroad folder and open Settings folder. Delete wndpos.dat file. Or if that doesn't help, deleting the Settings folder will(your chat block will also reset).

  13. that GM Area we can enter place like that in jangan cave with keys dropped from Medusa Mini Uniques and there a some thing like Pandora Box

    we enter it and got some prize like Elite Monsters or Gold or Vigors etc....

  14. any news on that server switching scroll?