Catapults and Rams - How to get them?

Joymax explained a shit about the whole new update that iSRO got this Tuesday. During this day I was experiencing myself the update and wasn't a real problem for me at all since I already dealed with it on kSRO, but most of the server didn't know a shit of how all of this worked. I had to spent 4 globals just for explain how the Item Linking feature works XD

Anyway, I decided to make small guides about this new complex update for make everyone understand how it works and don't get lost. Since the Fortress War it's coming, I will start with the Catapult and Rams creation.

1- Be a Guild master (not sure if works with all the guild permissions too)
2- Have enough GP's for spend in your guild (not too much)
3- Gold

Let's start.
1st: Go to the Hotan Guild Manager Musai and purcharse at least 10 of each element on the Guild store (I just tested the purcharse of them as a Guild Master)

2nd: Go to Jangan/Hotan Fortress Administrator and purcharse the 2 lasts scrolls (Ram Summon Scroll Recipe and Catapult Summon Scroll Recipe). Then use them with a right click on your inventory.

3rd: Open the Craft window. Go to the Siege tab and choose one of the two recipes. Then add the crafting materials you just have purcharsed on the Craft window:

4th: Press craft. You can make up to 1 scroll of each COS every 3 hours. Catapults and Rams can only be summoned during Fortress War, inside the Fortress War. That's all ^^


Take care with this, many people will use this for his advantage and try to scam players by selling this stuff at high prices.
I will be looking for suggestions on the comments about what guide should be the next. ^^


  1. hi =) nice introduction thx much <3 joymax failed again and let us alone.
    Next i would like to know what this new job equip is you can wear and how to make socket stones and what the matter is with all those things ^^
    keep your nice work =)

  2. i think u should talk about how does the leveling up of jobs would work and if there is any fast ways to do it.

  3. I still don't know how the linking feature for items is working xD

  4. Linking Items is very easy:
    1 - Have the Item you want to link in your inventory
    2 - Press CTRL+R and leftclick on the item
    3 - The link will appear in your chat window

    Notice: afaik linking in globals only works with premium ticket.

    Like Devil said, i'd like to hear more about job equipment and job weapons.

  5. so will be grate to hear more about new job system(lvling,wars-everything)

  6. "I had to spent 4 globals just for explain how the Item Linking feature works XD"

    Same as me :D

  7. @Anonymous
    Almost, Item linking works like this:
    1. Put the item on your inventory (doesn't works if you have the item equipped)
    2. Press Ctrl+Right click on the item
    3. It will appear on the chat window or global window
    If you have premium plus you can use item linking on every chat, without premium it only works on Globals and Whispers.

    Seems everyone wants the same XD
    K, next tut will be about the new job system.

  8. It will be good if you explain how can we gain shining stones / blue & black stones and Other Materials for making Job items.

  9. At what job level will you be able to do quests from SM-DW?
    I guess from 3th tier?

  10. Yep, that would be interesting, a tutorial about how to get the shining stones

  11. You can start doing SM/DW quests from lv 20 and above.
    Shining stones are obtained with Blue and Black stones, which can be obtained doing target trades. Will be explained on the next tut XD

  12. nice, thx :)
    now the thing about job and i am happy :P

  13. Could you also explain how to Craft Hunter Weapons and so on?
    Where i get the Mold of Clear Sky and the Highest Quality Shining Stone?^^

  14. Thx Synx for this information :)

    Good Job

  15. synx i need know where is the menu for this COS because in ksro is so dificult know that..

  16. Make a tut about how to make a job weapon/armor/accessory^^ i cant figure it out that where should i get those materials :S the shining stones are ok, but the others ...

  17. you could add that only military engineer can use the rams and catapult in fw.

  18. Does anyone knows how to put these equipments on work :D...coz I made them ,I summoned but doesn't make nothing in war...just walking with it...There is any bug or what...why rams or catapults don't work?:)Have fun and a nice game :)