Inside Joymax

Nothing interesting to say so I will post a pretty recent interview from Joymax offices ~

Notice about some interesting points:
1. On the first seconds they show their animation and render editor program. That from the video is a mob from Togui Village.
2. They read BAKUMAN!!! (min 0:16!!)
3. Fat guys are the ones who do the skinning task (0:54) (and also release 999 avatars with the same design and different colors, LEAVE NO PRISIONERS!!)
4. Art designs for upcoming maps at 1:01???
5. @ 1:25 that guy seems fell aslep XD

Just kidding about the above, enjoy the vid!


  1. Oh my god, they use 3DS Max!

  2. I will hack joymax and i will be the new GM :)))))))))) :) :)

    Nah, joke ¬¬ love u Joymax? xD

  3. If u look at 0:19 on to the right of the monitor is a calendar with an artwork of SRO2 that was posted here a while back.

  4. yea i noticed that too omier. how long we need to wait to see sro2 SS at least?