Thai SRO Beta started!

The Thai SRO Beta started 10 hours ago and all Beta keys have gone away - I couldn't login at night to get one :P
I'll see if there are still some out there.

As it seems, some people got more Beta keys and give them away. If I can get one, I will post more information about Thai SRO Beta!

edit 2:
Awesome! I won an event and got a Thailand SRO Closed Beta Key! :P

Client will be released later.


  1. But ksro site isn't still updated.

  2. how can i download thailand sro

  3. and how can i register can u put here with pictures? thx

  4. i am in thailand i hope you will will be able to play thai server
    but their main servers always down , lag close for maintenaince

    but one thing you should know if you use bot or hacking programs you will get caught and will be banned and prosecuted ,deleted all items you have without mercy from GM *.*

    take your own risk LOL.....