Items you have never seen - Poison Herbs

Item names: Hundred Poisonous Herb, Thousand Poisonous Herb, Ten Thousand Poisonous Herb
Item description: No official description, this item cures the poisoned status (like a universal pill)
Included since: Those items were included from the very beginning. In the Open Beta of kSRO, they got de-activated and later completely removed. The items had the IDs 46, 47 and 48 in the item data files. There also existed special potions to remove other abnormal statuses. 3 other, stronger herbs were planned too but there are no images of these.
Availability: Has never been available for players


  1. Wow nice ^^
    Babbe, plz post more about legend 9 :D

  2. What exactly do you want? More screens? Pics of the items and mobs can be found on the kSRO site, probably I will make a special page where i put them. :P

  3. i heard the new legend will get a new alchemy system. maybe you can tell something about it?

  4. There are only the new elixirs. There will be an other alchemy system update but nobody knows when :P

  5. That new alchemy system is already in ksro.

  6. Babbe, tell us plz about new dungeon & cool mobs from ksro
    I saw so much little mobs on screens... Like 10 small spider uniques lvl 100 or smth...

  7. There will be an other new alchemy system...
    I'll post something about the dungeons soon.

  8. You can see the pics of the mobs here.

    The first post by me omier44 page 2.

    U can also see them on ksro site.
    But on the ksro site there wasn't that 110 unique.