Legend IX pictures

Hi. My name is kaperucito and I just converted into a colaborator of this blog. I hope you enjoy my posts =3
Today I will show you some Legend IX in-game pics. There are too many new places so I just did the necessary pics =P

Salt Desert:

Music Valley and Chaotic Maze:


Tomb Entrance:

And as a special present, Seth, lv 110 Unique, who is not even on KSRO website:


  1. Hi kaperucito!
    Nice to meet u there :) TY 4 pics =D

  2. Jajaja no te aburres de estar en todas? xD!!

  3. Thanks for the great pictur.

    It would be possible to make an video and post the link here?

  4. nice pics kaperucito!

    are you using ksro client files with sremu?

  5. @s2k
    Yes, I'm using D-SREmu with v1.151 client. I modified the Map.pk2 for make it working with the new zones. Still have problems with Alexandria (city), that's why I didn't posted pics about it.

    I will make a video when I fix all the problems, the emu is really bugged and the edited map.pk2 still have some small bugs. =3

  6. Guys what is the level restriction to enter all 3 types (easy/normal/hard) of new dungeon ?

  7. Nice pics.
    Lol that Seth has no legs?
    Another unique who cant move?
    I think it's because it has a lot of hp.

  8. Whow realy amazing pics :) Thanks for them. I am working on the map.pk2 too and so do I use D-sremu :D It surprised me you're using the same way :P But you have done really well indeed, I got bored in importing the korean map files into the old Silkroad's Map.pk2 one-by-one. (Mainly because there are 1500 of them) :S Hey ahm... I know it's not polite and I don't want to be rude at all :S But could you bee so kind to upload your Map.pk2 somewhere for me?:S I would need it so much and I would give anything for it :S If you could do it that would make me the happiest man in my country :P Please contact me at vendrinszky@msn.com If I don't interest you write a reply and let me know it please. Thanks.

  9. Kape me dirias como haces para modificar el sremu y poder explorar tambien alexandria?..

    Rpd a mi email. yfr171@msn.com