CSRO termination

The day has come, another foreign official server of Silkroad Online closes it's gates. First was Thailand SRO, then Russian SRO, and now its Chinese Silkroad Online, also known as CSRO. Less than a year ago they upgraded their game to Silkroad-R version and few months ago they got the 125 cap update. CSRO is, together with VSRO (Vietnamese Silkroad Online), the most played foreign versions of Silkroad. It's a sad notice seeing it closing, being the first foreign pserver opening, back in 2005. According to the translation of the notice on their website, seems the publishing contract with Joymax finished and Joymax didn't want to renew it.

You can see the full notice here (in Chinese):


The last day of service is scheduled to be the 4th of September 2013, and the website, forums and service to the user the 10th of October.

It's always sad seeing how our favourite game dies slowly. :,(


  1. sro is dead from few years, they didnt want to renew it cus Silkroad 2 is coming soon.

  2. I believe the next one will be Taiwan SRO. Vietnamese SRO maybe gets another chance and merges all servers just like Korean SRO.

  3. Or they should for hell change their damn rates and make the server more newbie friendly, lore friendly, remove goldbots and make some sense at their character balancing. Europeans are still overpowered, till lv 100~. Above that cap (120), bower and blader get insane freaky OP. Bicheon: blocking all the time, making a huge debuff effect with its 3 chain skills (the highest one isn't even consuming MP) and making a fucking high def with bicheon and cold buff skills. Would snowshield be the same as for 2-3 years, absorbing instead of calculating it with MP, they wouldn't be stoppable now. Pacheons aren't bad as well. 7 of 10 shots, are always critical, knocking enemies back, stunning them, bleed (force) and def (cold) and they are pvp killing machines. Well, SRO is already dead. I won't play SRO2, since, I loved playing silkroad with during my first times. Remembering the Jangan town and environment music, enjoying killing ghosts and bandit archers ... srsly. This game needs to be "Open Source", after shutting it down. I want to run this game for me, only me. Maybe with some friends, but not as a public server. Making grinding like for 7 years at iSRO, but won't get more difficult as reaching level 50+. Lvl 18, killing White Tiger (Giant) will give 2%~ exp. Shouldn't change on higher level.