Web browser on Silkroad

I just found this feature, which its pretty awesome for browse teh internet while you are playing Silkroad online. Imagine you are waiting for the Tiger Girl to spawn and you want to check our blog while waiting... so, why minimize the game and lose the chance of hunt her? Just use the web browser implemented on the game ^^

What do you need?
- A pk2 edit with GM console (or a real GM account!)
- Fingers

It's pretty easy, just open your GM console, and type "/web ". For example "/web www.silkroadsecrets.blogspot.com", and in some seconds you will be browsing our awesome blog while waiting for an unique, or receiving taxi! Awesome, isn't it?

Of course it can be used for visit any website, it plays flash (PORN!) and its scroll-able, since its build using Internet Explorer files.

I'll leave a pic here for have a better idea of how it works:

It should work for every Silkroad version which have Web Item Mall, or at least the srwb.dll inside the Silkroad folder.



  1. Blah. You can use XFire and it doesn't need any Pk2 edit and it's working for almost every game.

  2. is this legal? i mean, can u get banned for this?

  3. @Anonymous
    Editing game client its not approved by the Joymax TOS, but it's undetectable anyway. You don't use any 3rd party program together for do this, so its safe.
    So basically depends of how you look at it.

  4. When is the pictures going to come for 12D :D

  5. @Anonymous
    When Joymax release the new client, which we expect to happen on this summer.