[April fool joke] HOT NEWS: Islam Race is coming!!

We have all heard of the rumours about the third race in Silkroad online, the islamic characters. But now, as it seems, Joymax is making fast progress and the race could be released soon! It was already said that the mythical tower of babel and Tehran (or Baghdad?) will be added as new regions for the new race.
Now, with the newest PK2 from kSRO this can be definitely confirmed, these regions will come soon! The zone names mention the tower of babel as a dungeon already, and the loading screen exists too.

Loading screen of Tower Of Babel:

From the teleportdata you can see that the Tower Of Babel will be a dungeon meant for lvl 100+ players only. So, with this update the level cap will probably increased also. From the city, no data are included at this moment.

On the new characters and mobs are no information available yet, only the old texts that describe the function to summon genies and using their power for magical and physical damage.
Probably this could work like the attack pets which are able to learn the power of Fire, Lightning an Ice skills too soon.

Edit: April 1 is over! :P
These news were fake :P


  1. 2010/04/01 ? ^^

  2. :) Maybe not. I think the pic is real. :)
    Let's check pk2! :D

  3. lol yep, xD April 1 lol.
    But the loading screen?

  4. nice, i realy believe it :D

  5. its ture :O he faked that this is fake xD he made a joke that this is fake but it actualy is not so its not fake xDDD

    April 3 day xDDD joke :D

  6. fake photoshop filter