Silkroad Online Update: Arabian Race

In the very beginning in 2004, Joymax wanted SRO to have Chinese, Europeans, and Arabians as characters. But since they did not have any concept about the Arabian race, they included the Europe update first. Now it's time for the 3rd race.First of all, general information about the Arabian chars:

The Arabians (Islamic characters) will have the ability to summon genies. The summoned genies will be able to battle and, through intensive training perform other feats of spirit magic. Islamic characters will be able to use the sword, blade, claw (Katar) and the chakoram (Chakram) as their weapons. The genies will be able to train in the 4 attributes of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.

So, the chars will have - not like Europeans - physical and magical attack. There will be 8 skill masteries, for each weapon and each element one.
I am not sure about it, but it could be, that the Genie can learn more abilities using special grey tablets.
There will be 2 big new regions for the Islamic race. These are Sahara Desert and an other - still unknown - area.

The Silkroad Website says:

City: Tehran
Located in a basin surrounded by mountains on a plateau, this town in the wilderness seems ordinary at first glance. But somewhere in this down is the secret base of the bandits.

Dungeon: Tower of Babel
An enormous tower built by ancient humans in defiance to God. Demolished by God's punishment, foolish humans have yet to forsake defiance and they seek to rebuild this tower.

There are at the moment not many information about the new region. But I think that there will be a way on the river from Hotan to the south, to Tehran. This could be true because of an artwork from the kSRO installer:
The city does really not look like one we already got in the game, and in the background you see mountains which could be Flame Mountain. West of it there could be Sahara Desert and the Tower of Babel. In Sahara Desert will be Waterfalls and Dust-Falls.

In the KSRO Files, mulk81 found new mob-models of Sahara Desert mobs:
Mob names:
Anubis Priest
Osiris Guard Statue
Wind Priest

These are all information I got about the Arabian race atm.


  1. I beleive the reason why they are taking so long is because 11 degree will take weeks of planning, creation and concept that fit islamic chars. Faces that look alike islams will take another 2-4 weeks, a whole new town will take a month or less and then review and make skills that have perfect sysmetry, which will take weeks to do. But they're probobly putting it at 2011 Spring or summer since they might include it in the Jupiter Temple update or Flame mountain update since Jomax normaly stuff updates in one legend. So the release date is probobly comming next year around summer or spring or somewhere in the winter of 2010 ( usa )which will include the God's hertiage update or the Jupiture temple update that comes after God's Herutage. Also the reason why it hasn't come out yet is that the are still reblancing pvp with chinese and europeans since europeans were onwing Chinese players =P and that if islamic chars were there they would probobly unblance the pvp easily and own the europeans and chinese. Not sure if all info is correct.. Just common knowledge of inffering..

  2. At the moment Joymax is not working on the Islam Race yet. Wonder if it ever comes.

  3. lol it is 8/11/2011 now

  4. It is been 4 years now for that notice ... nothing changed ,,

  5. You guys are dumb if you think arabian race will out on sro, arabian race = just a new town called Baghdad with new mobs, but there isn't any other race than Euro & chinese ! also apis anubis etc , theses uniques are just temple unique from alexandria .. lol

  6. I would be happy with a smooth gaming experience, like they always promise. Servers are less than half full of players, but 100% full of lag. Fix the current game before you introduce more problems.

  7. when will the arabian race release?

  8. Gaymax always said about a new race (Arabian race) is comin' since 2007.

  9. Arabian Race Confirmed For Legend X (ISRO/SROR), Legend XIII (KSRO)