Detailed information: KSRO Update

edit: It will not be Legend 9, this post is about a later update (probably Legend 10)!!
edit 2: Flame mountain is included in Legend X. For the information look at newer posts.

It will include Flame mountain, a new area south of Hotan.
Flame mountain has a not that big outside area, but it also got a cave.
There will be 30 mobs.

The 11th degree items will be added too.

Of course there will be 110 quests and skills too.
Now here is the complete list of all new mobs at Flame Mountain:
Dragon Fly Ghost
Seopwooin (A flame zombie)
Butterfly Ghost
Yeomwooin (A flame zombie)
Flame Monkey
Pokwooin (A flame zombie)
Seopwon (An other Flame Monkey)
Water Demon
Yomaenachal (Flame Nachal)
Volcanic Mujigi
Yomangnachal (Fire Nachal)
Volcanic woojigi (Volcanic Ujigi)
Yacha fairy (Fanfairy)
Jeokanhwayeomma (Red Flame Ghost)
Nachalseonnyeo (Fanfairy)
Goeanhwasanma (Red Fire Ghost)
Jeongdan jeopalgye (Pig Ghost)
Wu hwayeomchung (Flame Bug)
Nokryeokdaeoh (Wolf Ghost)
Cheonbong jeopalgye (Pig Ghost)
Wolf Ghost
Dark sonohgong (Monkey Ghost)
Horyeokdaeoh (Wolf Ghost)
Monkey Ghost
Small Flame Bug
Small Monkey Ghost
Bomul hwayeomchung (Flame Bug)
Fan Princess
King of the cows (Unique Mob)

Some of these mobs will appear as "Captains" too, these special mobs seem to be something like Champions. There is no clear information about that yet.


  1. when will the legend IX update be ?

  2. Obviously the King Of The Cows is gonna be Taurus or something, that monster is on one of silkroads wallpapers too, but i cant find it anymore.