The new Dungeons of Silkroad Online

At the moment, it is sure that 3 more Dungeons will come to Silkroad Online. One of them will be Jupiter Temple south of Constantinople. Information from Joymax site:
An old temple left behind from ancient Greek myths. Mediator between the Greek mythological space and the SilkRoad, inside which a number of ancient Greek mythological creatures appear.
An other Dungeon will come with the Islam update. It is Tower Of Babel.
An enormous tower built by ancient humans in defiance to God. Demolished by God's punishment, foolish humans have yet to forsake defiance and they seek to rebuild this tower.
In a conference video where Joymax announced the start of kSRO, you can see an artwork of the Tower Of Babel, unfortunally only in a bad quality:
Some information about the new Dungeon which could already be included this year were found in the new PK2 files. At the moment, the not confirmed name is Shrine of Seth. It will be a dungeon located near Cleopatra's Gate in Asia Minor.
edit: This will be the new Egypt dungeon which comes in KSRO Legend 9!
There are new text lines like
but all with Korean text that can not be translated easily.
The new Map files show also text lines, like:
I am not sure why Joymax uses r1_cv and r2_cv as folder names. It could mean "ruin 1/2 _ cave", so there could be 2 dungeons!!
The dungeon will obviously contain the mobs from the video in my "Islam Update" news.

That's it for now.

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